Land Surveying

FROMAP uses state of the art field equipment such as a Leica Robotic Total Stations, GeoMax Total Stations, Trimble GPS, and Leica Digital Level. All members of the field crews have experience in residential, commercial and Industrial surveys, along with onstruction layout Inside the officey.

Lidar Survey

3D laser scanning is high definition surveying; a method of collecting high density spatial data sets in a fraction of the time taken by traditional systems. The scanner emits a laser horizontally and vertically, rotating through 360°. The reflections are detected; as many as 100,000 are possible per second due to internal mirrors and rotation, so this surveying technique is capable of unparalleled precision and detail. As well as collecting the standard data usually targeted during a survey, the intensity of the reflected light and the distance of the objects are evident in the point cloud data set.

Topographic Survey

Field survey to provide spot elevations, DTM, DEM contours on a property for landscape design, grading , new construction, retaining walls, etc.

Engineering Survey

Survey investigating land, using measurement tools and geographic knowledge, to work out the best position to build bridges, drainage system and roads. And producing up-to-date plans which form the basis for the design of a project.