About Us

AFROMAP established in 2007, as leading Provider Company to serve the needs for geospatial information and Vehicle Tracking System in the Sudan and the region. AFROMAP is the company has a valid license In Arial photogrammetric and tracking system In Sudan.

Our Mission

AFROMAP's mission is to be the worldes leading service provider for the collection and interpretation of data relating to the earth& surface and sub-surface and for associated services and advice in support of infrastructure development on land.
AFROMAP's activities are carried out across the world, onshore, offshore and from the air, and are primarily aimed at the:

  • Geospatial information industry
  • Mining sector
  • Tracking system
  • Emergency Services
  • Remote Sensing and Geophysics
  • Oil and gas Industry
  • Government Facilities

Our Story

AFROMAP doing geophysics services by airborne, marine & ground depend on the client needs and we have tailored solution to meet our client needs:-

  • Develop a comprehensive Geo database and repository to meet the needs of all levels of government (federal, state, regional, local, and tribal) and provider companies, accurate and current in geo database data and layers.
  • Develop a systematic methodology to create and collect this dataset in a quick and efficient manner. The needs of geospatial information and infrastructure includes those assets, systems, networks, and functions - physical or virtual that are vital to, the region, and the country so that their incapacitation would have a debilitating impact on security, economic security, public health or safety, or any combination.

GIS and geospatial data will be collected and organized to serve the following areas:-

  • Agriculture and Food
  • Energy
  • National and State Monuments and Icons
  • Emergency Services
  • Information Technology
  • Transportation Systems
  • Government Facilities
  • Postal and Shipping
  • Critical Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Banking and Finance
  • Public Health and Healthcare