The Tracking Section provides Tracking Systems as an integrated hardware and software solutions that allows you to monitor your fleet (Locate, Track, Control and Manage) remotely and conveniently. Applications are affordable and can be controlled effectively. It is possible to display the current position of vehicles or other moving objects on a detailed digital map. Whole fleets can be controlled on your screen by simply clicking them with your mouse. Movable objects such as vehicles, aero-planes, ships and any mobile objects can be protected. Not only it is possible to check where an object is at any given time, but also you can define exact geographical areas where the object is permitted to stay. When entering or leaving this area, an automated alarm can be activated. Operating over a Mobile Data Communication Network (GSM), commands can be sent from your mobile telephone to a remote-device while you are at your office-desk in your car or at home. Alternatively, status-confirmations of off-site devices can be monitored 24 hours a day from a stand-alone desktop PC.

We provide various degrees of devices:

  • Hand-held receivers.
  • Outdoor receivers.
  • Sport receivers.
  • Vehicle receivers


The navigation section provides dedicated GPS navigation devices that accurately calculate client’s geographical locations by receiving information from global positioning system satellites, providing visual and spoken directions on how to drive to the specified destination.